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Join me at charloft for the 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge!

Read the rules, then sign up for the challenge! Can you write 100 100-word stories in three months? There's only one way to find out!

100 Drabbles of Summer begins on Memorial Day ( May 31st) and ends on Labor Day (September 6th)

Writers and roleplayers of all kinds are welcome to come and write with us!

About Us:
In addition to the 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge, charloft has been providing a daily character development prompt since October 2008. We also have live character / writer discussion and roleplaying chats, NanoWriMo support, and other fun activities! Our talented mod team is made up of veteran writers and roleplayers who provide you with quality prompts daily. There is no application process or hoops to jump through to be a member of Charloft - just join the community and you're in. Writers of fiction, fanfiction, original or characters from any canon are all welcome to come write and play. We'd love to have you write with us.

Nanowrimo Comic Strip

Check out More comic strips http://15xcomic.blogspot.com
Happy Nanowrimo! Follow my progress at http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/246963

Friendly Message From Your Moderator!

Hi guys, the LJ group for 2008 is going to be kicking off soon @ 2008nanowrimo! Just have to get a new layout up and whatnot, but you're all free to use it.

Another note for next year's Nano, the group won't be 2009Nanowrimo (nor will 2010 or 2011), instead there will be an "S" at the end as someone has already reserved those usernames. So when 2009 swings around, please remember to join 2009Nanowrimos, since 2009Nanowrimo will not exist.


Charloft character development community

charloft provides daily prompts for novelists, roleplayers, NaNo writers, fiction writers, and fanfic writers. If you've got a character that just won't get out of your head, come on down and let them roam in the Charloft! Participate as often or as infrequently as you like. No pesty application - just join up and you're ready to go.

Best of all, Charloft will offer awards and prizes for some of our activities. These will range from banners and badges for your user info to actual prizes like books on writing and paid LJ time.

We also allow for roleplaying, character questions, and other interactive activities outside of prompts - so there's always something to do at the Charloft!

Join today - prompts start Monday!

Research help needed! Monkee fans?

If any of you happen to be Monkees fans, please take a moment to fill out all or part of this survey . I'm particularly looking for firsthand accounts of those who attended the Monkees 20th anniverary tour. It plays a part in my novel, and I'd like to get some good details researched before I begin.

Also, if anyone would like to see the novel in progress , please feel free to join summerslast as I will be writing it there and posting friends only. This is the method that brought me success in 2006 (you can still read my complete 2006 novel by joining tequila_sunset)

Anyone else do their writing publicly? Let me know and I'll join up to read your projects, too!

Just a quick post...

For anyone who is still getting updates on this journal, I've started a journal for this years NaNo (I got too excited too early and so started procrastinating already) that can be found at nanowrimo08.

All are welcome to join. Hope to see you there!



Sickness, family issues, work craziness, etc. has prevented me from getting even 20k done by today. It's my third NaNo and the worst I've done on word count, BUT with the best idea/planning ever. I'm hoping to continue to write it until the story is finished, even after November is over.

Is anyone else in a similar sticky situation? Wanna be writing buddies so we can encourage each other? Any advice from others who have had this happen before?!


Thanks for all the support, guys! Uploaded 50,250 words today! Going to take a bit of a break from it now and going out for dinner to celebrate! Whoo!
If I was writing about a queen, is queen capatalized in a sentence such as:

"The queen would not approve."

It is referring to specific person, but it's not her name.